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4 Hallmarks Of A Successful Kitchen Renovation

Visit your local Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom for kitchen designs like this one. By Kelly O’Reilly | May 20, 2016 It’s worth it to go for luxury in the most lived-in (and looked-at) part of the house. It can be challenging to live without a kitchen during a renovation, but the payoff can be worthwhile, …

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How To “Live Small” (Even If You Don’t Have A Tiny House)

Don’t let a little thing like square footage get in the way of your home dreams. By Brie Dyas | May 10, 2016 Living large doesn’t have to mean living with lots of stuff. The tiny-home movement has become popular because it allows people to dream of a life of freedom — from expensive housing …

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7 Ways To Determine A Home’s Architectural Style

By Jessica Bowne | May 18, 2016 We all have our own personal style. Your home does too! Whether you’re headed to open houses or just cruising around town, you may begin to notice architectural details of the homes around you: round columns versus square on a front porch, stucco versus brick, and a gabled …

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Read Before You Refi: 5 Tips For A Higher Home Appraisal

A clean, uncluttered home isn’t just attractive for potential buyers: It can make an impression on your home appraiser too. By Laura Agadoni | April 21, 2016 If you’re refinancing, these home appraisal tips can help. If you’re hoping to refinance the mortgage on your home, there’s one big roadblock between you and that lower …

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The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

By Liz Olech | May 25, 2016 Here’s a breakdown of the most popular colors for your house’s siding, trim, and architectural accents. Changing the color scheme of your home’s exterior is one of the quickest ways to give your house a face-lift, whether you’re preparing to list it for sale or just want to …

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4 Signs Your Mortgage Payment Is About To Go Up

By Laura Agadoni | May 25, 2016 A fixed-rate mortgage doesn’t guarantee that your monthly payment will never change. If you chose an adjustable-rate mortgage, it should come as no surprise when your mortgage payment fluctuates — that’s what “adjustable” means, after all. But how can you predict if and when your fixed-rate mortgage payment …

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How To Refinance Everything In Your Life

By Kali Hawlk | May 2, 2016 Ever wished you could have a do-over on the terms of your auto or student loan? Guess what? The benefits of a refi aren’t just for homeowners. Let’s play a little word-association game. What comes to mind when you hear the word “refinance”? If you answered “mortgages,” you’re …

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This Month in Real Estate March 2016

This Month in Real Estate February 2016

Six Ways to a Healthier You on-the-go

Traveling for work or pleasure this year? Worried about getting sick while you are on the go? Then you need to read these helpful reminders to keep you healthy on-the-go.

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